Development – the sky is the limit!

The development programs of be begeistert! go beyond mere training. One reason is, because they follow a holistic perspective. We are aware of the fact that it is impossible to just deliver knowledge or even train skills in certain areas if a person just needs something else right now. Therefore the programs are designed to give a guideline, covering all areas necessary for the required result (such as the improvement of company profitability and the effectiveness of employees in the workplace). At the same time we give support to bring to life the knowledge and skills acquired starting immediately.

This is achieved through accompanying our participants over a longer period of time, answering the questions arising in everyday life.

The major obstacles for organizational success are mainly located in the area of communication. Therefore this is the main focus of be begeistert! in our development programs. The result are motivated, efficient employees who have fun at work and, depending on the program chosen improve their communicative skills, get an overall understanding of how to improve their lives or, in the ultimate stage know how to design the life of their choice.

There are three alternative programs. They run between 12 and 60 months with workshops of 1‑2 days taking place every 3 months

Program 1: Communication

Duration: 12 months

Here the focus is on developing the participants’ communicative skills, still working from a holistic perspective. Improved communication fosters teamwork, raises efficiency and goes hand in hand with a more positive view of life.

Program 2: Improvement

Duration: 24 months

Participants get an overview of all the areas which are accessible to foster their own wellbeing and that of their surroundings. This includes the areas of health (breathing, nutrition and exercise, designing the surrounding…), communication (improving communicational skills and become more people smart.) and professional action (in terms of factual knowledge and skills required).

Program 3: Design your life!

Duration: 60 months

This program really enables participants to create their live according to their goals and ideals while considering predominant conditions. There is no mystery to it. It is merely the knowledge of what dominates our daily actions and how communication and interaction works.


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